Russell & Marilyn's 4AD
From me, the webmaster, TAKE NOTE OF THE WIRE WHEELS !

In 1995 Russell decided to retire from his job at the Ford Motor Company. He had built a new house with attached garage in 1993 and he and his wife wanted to do some traveling. I will let him tell the rest of the story...Russells car

Retired life was going to be "our" time. We bought a trailer and parked it on a campsite in Indiana so I could go fishing on weekends. The weekdays were spent at the house and yes, in the garage. I finally had the time to get my 55 Singer 4AD Roadster completed and running as smooth as possible.

I contacted NASOC and received advice from Mike Rambour as well as parts from Dave Green. I had made the decision not to paint the car myself, so I did some research into possible places to have it painted which took several months. Eventually, I located Williams & Sons on Dayton St. in Hamilton, Ohio they were willing to do it the way I wanted, piece by piece. The paint job was ready in five weeks and looked beautiful. I was very pleased with the results.

4AD Motor

My next task was putting it all back together. As most NASOC members know, putting it back together (correctly) is not always an easy task, especially with fresh paint. I decided to start from the front and work my way back. I ran into a few difficulties along the way, but all-in-all the method worked. I had been lucky enough to find all my Stainless Steel fasteners at one location, which saved me a lot of time. When putting the car back together, you must put the splash pan in front of the radiator along with the cowl first. Then when you mount the side panels and fenders everything will fall into place, like a giant jigsaw puzzle. I followed the same basic procedure when placing the rear fenders on. It took me about six weeks to complete this particular part of the giant puzzle. I then turned to the interior, I removed all of the panels, seats and old carpet and had it all refinished or replaced. They did a beautiful job.


All said and done, this was a ten-year on-off project. I'm really thrilled with the results, it may have taken a while but was well worth the wait, its a beautiful Singer.

Since that restoration, I entered numerous car shows. In 2001 I was invited to Cincinnati's Concours d'Elegance in Ault Park and in my class I won "Class of Distinction". Also my local newspaper called me and asked for an interview and a little history of my Singer Roadster. The interview with photo's took a half page.Rear of the car