Terry Trovato

Our hats off to Terry Trovato, the proud winner of the NASOC Perpetual Trophy award. The Perpetual Trophy is awarded to the individual that shows his or her car the most of any club member in a given season. To date, no one has been able to beat Terry who seems to fly the Singer colors every weekend. Would some one please take this away from him.

Terry's dedication to the marque was amply displayed this summer when he trailered his roadster from hometown Natchez to Montreal for the Beaconsfield British Car Day. No wall flower, Terry, he and his entourage mixed Mint Julips and pulled out a banjo to sing "My Old Kentucky Home" for an honorable mention in the Tailgate awards. Terry also had the opportunity to show off his Roadster's new paint job to much of NASOC's Canadian contingent at the show.

As with all pre-4AD's, Terry's car is right hand drive. Since this can present a bit of a challenge when motoring in North America, he addressed the problem by installing a center mirror (not original to the A-Series Nine) and a Lucas-styled convex mirror onto the original Singer side mirror bracket.

Modifications to the front of the car include Halogen driving lights. Although non-standard, they are pleasing and highly effective. Terry also installed a mystery bumper to fend off the peripherally challenged.

Modifications to the rear of the car include a left tail-light for safety and symmetry (the A-Series cars came with right tail-lights only), another mystery bumper (possibly from the front of a bug-eyed Sprite) and auxiliary bumper-mounted turn signal indicators courtesy of Harley Davidson. Although the original factory trafficators work well, they are certainly foreign objects to the majority of North American drivers. Hence, for safety reasons, the Harley lights were added to help ward off unwanted visitors to the rear end of the car.

Lastly, Terry had to give his Roadster a transplant, inserting a 1275 cc engine from a deceased MG Midget, carefully disguised with a custom-made "Singer" air cleaner manifold.