Dave Craig

I was active with NASOC and many of its members long before I even located my Singer SM I500 Roadster I remember debating over the Singer Bulletin Board the merits

or folly of converting RHD to LHD. I remember too, my frequent visits to the site to see if anyone had recently decided to sell. I tracked down leads on cars located all over North America and for reasons of distance, price, condition or whatever I remained Singer-less until that fateful day in October 1998 when I heard from Tim Maxwell just a short distance away in New Jersey. He explained that he was "considering" placing his little car up for adoption. I simply would not have found that car without the club and the good efforts of Mike Rambour.

The car is a 1954 4AD, originally retailed by Fergus Motors in New York city sometime in late 1953. It spent most of its life in New Jersey, where it went through a late 1960's restoration and was subsequently sold to Mr. Maxwell in 1983. Mr. Maxwell enjoyed it for the next sixteen years before turning it over to the Craig Family in New Hampshire. We purchased the car in perfect running order and in fact were able to drive it extensively before storing it for the Winter of 98/99. Last Spring it underwent a complete stripdown and refinishing in Stone red and Black. While there is still much to be done to the interior and some of the chrome bits, it is overall about as nice and attractive as it's ever going to be. Our goal for the future is to meet up with as many other Singer owners as practical, compare notes and possibly spur others onto completing their own little projects...who knows, maybe we'll have a whole class for Singers at some future British Invasion in Stowe, Vermont.