Craig Sims

This lovely and rare 1936 Singer Bantam Coupe is owned by Mr Craig Sims of Invercargill, New Zealand. The car was originally sold by Bath & sons, the Singer agents for Invercargill at the time. It sat for many years in its original condition at a place called Otatara, a suburb of Invercargill.

The car was purchased by Mr Sims 11 years ago who dismantled it and completed a ground up restoration with the help of a couple of friends.The car has now been returned to its original condition, with the assistance of Mr Morris Coutts and Gordon Officer.

Morris Coutts helped with the mechanical side of things, as the car wasn't a runner when it was purchased, and Mr Gordon Officer tackled the Panel and wood work that need to be finished. Fortunately, there wasn't a lot of panel work to be done, as the body was fairly straight. They also found that the car's body is made of aluminum ( Alloy ) and the guards are steel.