The President cleans up his garage floor

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After many discussions about epoxy floors, I finally went with the Racedeck tiles.  I did this so I could have a pattern instead of a huge expanse of gray. I had a lot of concerns about going with these tiles, mostly rolling capabilities since they have a diamond plate pattern on them. Since all of my tools are on casters, they had to roll around the garage. I was also of course worried about messing them up by scratching/gouging/etc as I moved things around on them. The last concern I had was the fact that I have 3 British cars so of course they will mark their territory and would the various fluids mark the tiles permanently.

Several people told me that these Racedeck tiles were a rich man's showroom floor and not a working man's garage floor. I have to admit I was concerned when all I could find on the net were pictures of Hummer's, Viper's, Vettes, Porches, etc. on these floors. After all we all know they never work on their cars

About half way through the installation, I was quite surprised about the durability of these tiles, I had to move the lift of course and the casters cut into one tile as I kind of expected and it was not bad. I don't move the lift that often and assumed I would be fine with the tiles and the damage was really minor. It was my biggest concern when thinking about purchasing these floor tiles and I was happy. I also had to move all my tools and lots of steel, a few things got dropped and the floor took it in stride. We scuffed a few places but no damage like a painted floor would have had.

Wow does it ever look GOOD !!!

Do I think it will hold up ? This is with only 1 weeks experience with it but lets face it, its a garage floor guys, it can't remain pretty forever (can it?). Where I damaged it, it was very minor scuffing and 1 place where I dropped some steel and gouged it a little...barely noticeable from a few feet away, yet a painted floor would have shown the concrete.

I like it and my wife does too, she says its nice to go out and do the laundry in barefeet without having her feet freeze from the concrete and she says the garage feels warmer. I am not sure about that but it makes sense to me since the cold concrete is effectively insulated with a 1/2" of plastic now(that will be a nice benefit in the Winter). Either way, I can tell you that its a delight to work under the car on your back on that far warmer plastic than the cold concrete. And YES the goal of getting the floor all White under the lift, is really noticeable.

As far as my concerns go, well everything rolls around just fine (I should mention that I was told they recently changed the profile of the diamond plate pattern and I have the newer profile). The durability of the tile I think will be fine. And lastly, I can't tell yet about the various fluids they will encounter but I am not concerened about any permanent discoloration, come back in a year and  I will let you know.

Have I mentioned they look GOOD yet ?

 The required "Before"
The required "After"
All the white really helps
the light reflect back under
the lift.
The 4AD is back home
and looking GOOD
I like it ! The scooter looks GOOD
on checkered flag.
You can see the boxes next to the saw
that will tile the back room (that you
see the entrance to).
I still have not cleaned the workbench
but its looking good.
Will the kickstand mess up
the floor?
After 5 weeks, the answer is NO

Ok, so I did have one problem...I moved my table saw into the garage on Sunday and by Tuesday, I had a dimple in the floor. I didn't know how to remove the tile from the middle of the floor so I sent off a e-mail. This caused some communications problems which I admit now were caused by me sending e-mail rather than calling Racedeck. I have come to the conclusion that I either had one bad tile or it was due to the unlucky placement of the saw since only one caster caused a problem, not the other 3 casters. This caused me a great deal of concern for my tool chest and even my motorcycle kickstand which I mentioned here. Well after a week, the bike has not caused a problem and neither has the tool chest.  And even the tile that had been crushed had "self-healed" itself if that is possible. The tile had been crushed 1/4" to 3/8" of an inch and was clearly visible after 5 days the dimple can't be more than 1/16" of an inch and most people would not notice it


After 6 weeks, its holding up quite well, as I mentioned earlier, I was afraid I would damage/gouge the floor eventually and I did, I put a gouge/cut in it about 10" long accross 2 tiles, but unlike Epoxy that would have shown the concrete, this gouge remained the same color and you have to know where it is to see it. It has held up to my car marking its territory on a daily basis and it is looking awesomely great. Several of my friends have commented they really like it including one with a epoxy floor. These are much warmer on your back than cold concrete and my wife even likes it. My garage seems warmer in the morning when I go out there, one item that seems silly is that you can make it look cool with different patterns and colors, it may seem silly but I sure like it. I took apart my rear axle and rebuilt it, the tiles got lots of oil and grease dumped on them, some heavy things dropped too and it just cleaned up with no problems. I am very pleased with the way they look and the way they are holding up. Come back in a year for the real test but for now, I sure am happy with these.

Almost 2 years now and I love this floor, its been gouged and the worst is melted a few times during some welding but it looks GREAT and you have to look for the damage, no one ever sees it unless I point it out. I have had heavy (I mean really heavy) equipment dimple it a few times and it pops back on the next warm day. In the winter, its awesome, I can tell the difference in the garage. Normally my feet or my back would get cold and granted with the lift I am not on my back often, it is much warmer. I like it, I consider one of the best things I did to my shop, it makes going out there and working even more fun than it was before.

Update 2

5 years later, I still love the floor, it has stood the test of time. Yes, it has gotten torn up and I have burned holes in it when welding but overall I am impressed.

I have since moved to my new house and new garage and moved the tiles with me, I was really impressed with the condition of the floor when I removed the tiles and of course immediately put them down on my new garage floor. I highly recommend Racedeck flooring

Update 3

Coming up on 10 years with this floor now (I purchased it 2000, or 2001 and its 2011 now) and I still love this floor. The only thing I would do different was keep a small area bare concrete for welding. When I moved to my new house I also pulled up the tiles and moved them to my new garage, they were awfully dirty compared to the new ones but some serious scrubbing and it all looks brand new.

In the first picture you can see my lonely Singer sitting on the tiles and I put that picture in so you can clearly see the used tiles from the old garage and the new tiles, the next picture everything looks dirty because well... I am working the car again and the floor gets dirty, but trust me there was a point where it was all clean.