Singers in Profile

From the late twenties to the mid thirties, the Singer Car Company was a prolific manufacturer of a wide range of automobiles. In fact, by 1928, the company had become the third largest manufacturer of private cars in England, thanks largely to the success of the popular Singer Junior.

What really began to set Singer car apart from the rest of the crowd, however, was their success in the trials and reliability sporting events of the day. During the early thirties, sports cars in many cases were thinly disguised competition vehicles.These were cars that could be driven on the road as normal transport during the week, and with little more preparation than the removal of a spare wheel, could be entered in a sporting competition on the weekend, with a reasonable chance of success.Accordingly, by the early thirties, Singer had introduced a wide variety of sports cars that seemed to cover just about every niche of the market.

Singer Junior The Junior Tourer and Sedan
Singer Junior Technical information Technical Specifications
Nine Sports The Nine Sports
Technical Specifications
Nine Le Mans and Special Speed The Nine LeMans and Special Speed
Nine Le Mans and Special Speed Technical Information Technical Specifications
1.5 Litre Sports The 1 1/2 Litre Sports
1.5 Litre Sports Technical Information Technical Specifications
1.5 Le Mans and Special speed The Le Mans 1 1/2 Litre and Special Speed
1.5 Le Mans and Special speed Technical Specifications
9 Le Mans Replica The Nine Le Mans Replica
9 Le Mans Replica Technical Technical Specifications
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