The 4A Roadster

For 1950, Singer offered the 4A Roadster which differed little from its predecessor, with the important exception of the introduction of a four speed gear box. Not only did the addition of a fourth gear add to the tractability and flexibility of the Roadster throughout its speed range, but it provided the Singer engineering department with an opportunity to redesign the shift lever position. The new remote gear shift was placed conveniently within comfortable reach of the driver, in comparison to the old three speed lever that curled awkwardly from beneath the dash.

The driving position was also noticeably improved with modifications to the relative positioning of the steering wheel and the seating. This provided greater knee room, a more suitable driving position and greater ease of access and exit.

The engine remained unmodified at 1074 cc's with the exception of a change in carburation. The S.U. was replaced by a single Solex downdraft unit. This may have accounted for the increase of 1b.h.p.over the Roadster's advertised engine power output.

The only substantial drive train modification was a redesign of the rear axle, which now incorporated an offset spiral bevel and a bevel type differential in place of the spur gear.

New and improved bumpers that were stronger, deeper and curled at the ends were also added for increased protection from the peripherally challenged.