All the way from Australia...

Trevor's car has a red chassis,springs,brake drums etc,with the body panels being off white and the mudguards red,this is one of the colour schemes offered by singer as a new car.

Currently (Jan 99) the Le Mans is having its brake wheel cylinders sleeved in stainless steel, to help prevent rust and resulting leakage. (Me too, this is good idea for a car that is not driven often or one that you never want to have brae problems with.)

The LeMans is almost back on the road I just have to give the rear cylinder a hone and fit the new piston and rings.

Chassis No62771 1934/5 2str 9hp LeMans.

Click on picture to get a larger picture.

On a bridge in outback Aust
Pauline (Trevor's wife) and of course the car
On the road...
Trevor at the races ! Go Trevor !
Did you win ? Well it doesn't matter we will tell every one you did.
Trevor's car being re-assembled.
Interesting angle but gives a lot of detail.
I can't wait till mine gets to this stage.