1934 Singer Le Mans Coupe

Carl J. Mistretta's, 1934 9 Le Mans Coupe (Special Speed) in S. California

It runs, it drives, it looks GREAT.

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The Front

Front Corner

Its driving away

The command center
of a great car !!!

the other side, look at that cool switch on the starter with that rod from the firewall. Thats the "Startix" system connected to the gas pedal to start the car. Now thats a weird feeling, use the gas pedal to make it start and go...multipurpose go pedal, I like that.

The side

The illusive switch that someday I will hunt down for my car, thats on the steering wheel folks in case you can't see that on the picture.

The motor, the "Special Speed" motor...
look at those carbs, can you feel
the power ?