The Nationals

Our first National Rally was a great success with all attending enjoying themselves. As one of the organisers I was disappointed that we did not have the number of cars that we expected but the smaller numbers meant that everyone got to know each other and that the facilities were more than adequate. We were fortunate that two of our members who lived in Blenheim were experienced in running Trials, Driving Tests etc.and they were responsible for that part of the programme. We also had a sucessfull Vinyard tour (by coach) with a meal at one of the vinyards. The local branch of the Vintage Car Club made their facilities available to us . This was fortunate for us as on our first rally day there was a great downpour of rain 25mm in one hour as we were visiting various businesses in the area involved in the car restoration industry. The local farmers were very pleased about this event as it was the first rain that they had had for eight months (courtesy of el nino). We deferred the driving tests that were to be held that afternoon and the Vintage Car Club arranged an alternate event in their Club Rooms where we had to identify various mystery objects.

We were pleased to welcome four visitors from Australia so our first rally had an international element. The sugestion is that the next national rally will be in five years time, the same frequency that the Dutch club run their events.

Gary Thompson.

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