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Junior or Vogue, Le Mans or Gazelle, the Singer Owners' Club is dedicated to the preservation and use of all Singer models. Books on Singer are rarer than the cars themselves, but the Club is always on the lookout for reference material that will help you maintain the originality of your car, simplify your restoration activities, and generally give a better perspective on the place your vehicle holds in history.

A wonderful source of rare and difficult to find books is Classic Motorbooks of Osceola, Wisconsin. In addition, the following is a list of books and brief reviews that may be of use to you.

The Singer Story

This is the definitive history of the Marque, following the story of Singer from its very beginnings, starting with the birth of George Singer in Dorset in 1847, through his early years as an apprentice and worker in the cycle industry, starting his first company in 1875, producing his first motor vehicle in 1900 and his first car in 1905. George Singer died in 1909, but the company he founded went on to produce a vast range of vehicles which had considerable and promising success in competition. The fortunes of the company, the models and the competitors are all thoroughly documented in this volume of 250 pages and 280 photographs. Price including postage and handling - £25, EC £29, ROW £35

Racing Roadsters

Racing RoadstersRacing Roadsters charts the racing exploits of the Singer Roadster in North America in the mid '50's. Thoroughly researched, written and printed by Ottawa resident and Singer Owner, Peter Mckercher, this book reveals that the SM 1500 C was a competitive racing car particularly when competing against MGs of the era.

The book covers Singer's unhelpful marketing strategy, the lack of factory and dealer support, the enthusiastic drivers and their technical developments and the circuits that were in use. 80 pages and plenty of contemporary photographs document this little known piece of Singer history.

Singer Cars of the Rootes Group

This is a 240 page compilation of road tests, advertisements, articles, company memos and press releases on the Singer cars produced from 1949, until the demise of the Marque in 1970. A brief history of each of the models is provided, including the SM1500, the Hunter, the Gazelle, the Vogue and the Chamois. The forward is written by John Simister and the cover illustrations are by Richard Wheatland. This is valuable reading for the Rootes enthusiasts in the Club. Price including postage and handling is:UK £14.65, EC £15.50, ROW £20.

As a special offer for both of the above books, the price, including postage and handling, is UK £45, EC £50, ROW £60. Cheques or International Money Orders should be sent to: The Secretary, 11 Ermine Risa, Great Casterton, Stamford, Lincolnshire, UK. For a brochure on the club’s services and activities just send your name and address.

Singer Sports Cars 1933-1954

This is a compilation of original road tests, advertisements, articles and industry reviews of the various Singer sports cars, published in the prominent motoring journals of the time. The publishers of Autocar, Autosport, Light Car, Motor and Practical Motorist were some of the key contributors. This book provides invaluable detail on performance specifications, vehicle details and general driving impressions. The book is distributed by Brooklands Books, Holmerise, Seven Hills Road, Cobham, Surrey, England.

British Light Cars 1930-1939

As the title implies, this book discusses what are referred to as the "light cars" of the motor industry. These were cars that had light body work and hence light running costs, offering the average person a chance to purchase a car that was affordable to run and maintain. The book is written in three parts. The first discusses the fundamentals of the Light Car design, how their various components function and the restoration techniques necessary. The second part describes individual models in detail, showing their advantages and disadvantages. The third part consists of extensive model specifications. Singer models covered are the Junior, the Nine, the Ten, the Eleven, the Twelve and the 1.5 Litre. The book is written by Bruce Hudson and printed in England by J.H. Haynes and Company, Ltd, Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset.

The Restoration of Antique and Classic Cars

This is an essential handbook for all who own or are contemplating acquiring and restoring a car of the 20’s and 30’s. The book advises on the choice of car to restore, its dismantling, treatment of the frame, suspension, steering, axles, brakes, wheels and on the rebuilding of engines and gearboxes. There are also chapters on the fuel system, controls and instruments, electrical equipment and wiring, the body frame and covering, painting, coach trimming and special finishes. The book was written by R.C. Wheatley and B. Morgan and published by Robert Bentley Incorporated, 872 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139