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Club members receive a bi-monthly news letter called the N.A.S.O.C. News, providing them with a forum for expressing their views, meeting other members, exchanging technical and restoration tips, accessing a rare and limited supply of parts for their rebuilds and generally sharing the experiences and pleasures of owning and driving Singer automobiles.

Club dues are $25 (U.S.) per annum, payable by January 31 to N.A.S.O.C. and forwarded to the Club Treasurer. You many use the following on-line application for membership and we bill you with the first mailing of your Newsletter. Also, You can print this application for membership and mail it to N.A.S.O.C. at 2113 Avenida Planeta, Tucson, Arizona 85710. Make cheques for annual membership dues payable to N.A.S.O.C. Although we still need the information below, you can also pay with your Credit Card by clicking here.

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